• Who Are We?

    My 360 Guy is a Greek Fire llc company, listed and owned by Ben Walker a local business owner in Northwest Arkansas. Ben Walker moved to Rogers Arkansas in 1998 went to school and graduated with honors. He has been a local community volunteer since 1998 and supported several community programs. In 2005 he went to Jamaica to assist with disaster relief from hurricane Ivan. After that moment he found the mission he desired to be a part of and support fully. Since that time Ben has been involved in one way or another in supporting whether in person or through donations disaster relief programs every year. From Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, Dean and more to the earthquakes in the Dominican Republic and Japan. Tornado in Joplin Missouri and flooding in Texas Ben has fully supported relief programs to the best of his physical and financial abilities.


    While the goal of this company is obviously to support the local communities through optimizing and improving their online properties with 360 photo tours. Ben's goal is to utilize the funds made from this company to also support relief work in our local communities and abroad.


    Your support and patronage is appreciated and welcomed!

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